The Labor Market Agreement Project is designed to work with 'working clients' who are in vocational crisis.
The 2012 Nova Scotia Lieutenants Governor’s Persons with Disabilities Employer Partnership Award Luncheon.
The 6th Annual Symposium on Inclusive Employment and Education December 2 and 3, 2013.


The Collaborative Partnership Network (CPN) is a group of 9 non-profit employment agencies creating employment partnerships between individuals with disabilities and Nova Scotia employers. We have assisted more than 10,000 job seekers find employment over the past 10 years. Through this website, potential employees and employers can find information about the return to work employment process, access resources to prepare for employment, and support the employment of Persons with Disabilities. Please contact any of our resources along your journey on the road of employment.

Featured Partner Agency

Created in June 1997 as West Nova Persons with Disabilities. Changed its name in 2007 serving Yarmouth County, Shelburne... More

Client Spotlight

"John struggles from a mental health disorder and was finding it difficult to secure meaningful employment. After seeing a job posting for a baker’s helper at a local bakery, we contacted the owner to advocate for John. John attended an interview and was the successful..." More
John Taylor

CANSA Client

Employer Spotlight

Debbie G. Cook

Executive Director
Employment Opportunities Partnership

"Acadian Seaplants approached our organization a few years ago to learn more about who we were and what we did. It was then that we realized we had an employer who understood what it meant to employ a Person with a Disability and who had the willingness and ability to be..." More